My name is Nick.

I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon.

Drawing has always been a hobby or distraction for me, but starting about three seven ago I had a series of life events which made me think again - instead of trying to cram it in around jobs I'm no good at, to try and go all out to make this a career (my academic achievement in art goes no further than a D at A level).

Since then it has been slow going - mainly trying to constantly draw and develop, in terms of style, skill and imagination.  Pretty much everything you see here is done with a humble Bic biro on printer paper, and coloured with pencil.  I've only recently been pushing my abilities with digital finishing, and I may well re-finish some of the work here. 

Currently I've been completed an internship at an art agency/gallery and hope to retain my links with them. Meanwhile I'm working on two graphic pieces - one with Andy Winter at Moonface Press and another with Frank T Allen, the amazing talent that scripted 'Innocence' which you will see here along with the initial storyboard concepts; unfortunately my skills at Squarespace haven't allowed me to copy the finished article here, but there is a link to it on the 'links' page of this site.  'Hellmouth' is a perpetual work in progress, and I'm also developing some commission work for a few websites.  Meanwhile I'll always consider any creative idea that is put forward.

'Finkymarv' is a name I put together from a briefly named character in William Burroughs' 'Interzone' - a police informer referred to as 'rat-fink Marv'.  It originally came in handy as an unused name for my email address on Hotmail!

Please get in touch and/or follow me through the info on the contacts page.