More stuff going on

Hmmm - has been a long andinteresting couple of weeks.  I've managed to get four christmas card designs done for the remaining christmas markets at east beach studios ( , just a small run of each; I've been working on some storyboards and posters for a movie pitch from a couple of solid guys I met through the Last Podcast On The Left facebook page, which I won't go into as I dont know how much they want divulged.  I'm also trying to put together a graphic sequence based on a short story by one of my favorite writers, Christopher Fowler (  I basically contacted him out of the blue years ago saying I'd like to do this and would appreciate his feedback, and he was extremely cool and very encouraging, but then I never got it finished like a big procrastinating idiot, and I need to get that done now I have the oppertunity.  I'm also finishing a storyboard for Frank T Allen for some horror shorts we are doing together, and need to start looking at polishing the first chapter of a story I've done with Moonface Press.  So there's lots going on.

I've also had the oppertunity to get some of my work up on the wall of a really cool gallery/emporium which opened locally not long ago,  train of thought ( which I hope is going to be a great oppertunity; up until now I've had to concentrate on more public-friendly images, and have been putting thr more edgy stuff away.  Here, this seems to be a place where they dig this more contentious content so I can split my work between the two.  Am actualy quite excited that I can plough back into the more dark output that I prefer to do and have an outlet for it.

In between all this I've been given a huge machine to strap to my face at night cos of sleep apnoea, which means nighttime is a weird blur - I feel like John Hurt in Alien saying he remembers a dream about 'smothering' every morning - and we're gearing up for a crazy christmas touring most of the south-east to see family; have finally got a referal through for councelling for depression and anxiety but on a three month waiting list; ego slightly bruised having been turned down for work at every single bar and restaraunt in Worthing, along with a local pet shop ...!  but always have more to be grateful for than to complain about so on we roll!!


ooh and another thing...

Just remembered - what's going on with t-shirts. Well...

Basically the ones I got printed in a first run have been really hard to shift, probably down to pricing.  To be dull and business about it, we wanted them done on ethical t-shirts (which are harder and more expensive to get hold of than you'd think - there's a difference between something guaranteed ethically made and a company signed up to a vague promise in the future) and on direct to garment printing, which gives a good colour range and a durable product. Also didn't want to end up with a shitload of unused stock so we did a limited run of 25, so didn't get any bulk price break.  So the price of the shirts ended up too high we reckon.

Have done a couple of commissions, which have had decent feedback, but not done the way I wanted as most preferred suppliers work on orders of 10 or more.

So instead I tried to load them all into spreadshirt, so I wouldn't have to figure my way through the stock production side - only to find they are really twitchy about using a load of the designs, so I've been receiving emails every few days from their legal team advising me of another design being taken down.  So what I'll be trying to do is finding a way to display designs, and taking orders through messages to  Still taking commissions as well.   

Here's some weblog...

Hi.  Thought I should try and fill this space up with some words.

Stuff going on at the moment - I'm cracking through various freelancer websites each day to try and get some paid work, at the same time bussing CVs round various bars and restaurants in rock n roll Worthing to get other paid work.  

In terms of drawings - I'm working on a couple of things; some twisted shit for Christmas, an a3 piece based on the Midsummer Oak in Broadwater (haunted tree that the dead dance around from time to time), completing a storyboard for a horror anthology I'm working on with the deranged mind of Frank T Allen (Innocence) scripting, finalizing a first draft of a story for Moonface Press, and trying to get my head around my new upgrade to Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.  Really trying hard to work on colorization - if I had the time I would really want to go through everything I had digitally coloured previously and re-do it because it looks so clumsy, but trying to press on forward!

Gonna try and do this regularly and I hope it will be more interesting in future!