Here's some weblog...

Hi.  Thought I should try and fill this space up with some words.

Stuff going on at the moment - I'm cracking through various freelancer websites each day to try and get some paid work, at the same time bussing CVs round various bars and restaurants in rock n roll Worthing to get other paid work.  

In terms of drawings - I'm working on a couple of things; some twisted shit for Christmas, an a3 piece based on the Midsummer Oak in Broadwater (haunted tree that the dead dance around from time to time), completing a storyboard for a horror anthology I'm working on with the deranged mind of Frank T Allen (Innocence) scripting, finalizing a first draft of a story for Moonface Press, and trying to get my head around my new upgrade to Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.  Really trying hard to work on colorization - if I had the time I would really want to go through everything I had digitally coloured previously and re-do it because it looks so clumsy, but trying to press on forward!

Gonna try and do this regularly and I hope it will be more interesting in future!