More stuff going on

Hmmm - has been a long andinteresting couple of weeks.  I've managed to get four christmas card designs done for the remaining christmas markets at east beach studios ( , just a small run of each; I've been working on some storyboards and posters for a movie pitch from a couple of solid guys I met through the Last Podcast On The Left facebook page, which I won't go into as I dont know how much they want divulged.  I'm also trying to put together a graphic sequence based on a short story by one of my favorite writers, Christopher Fowler (  I basically contacted him out of the blue years ago saying I'd like to do this and would appreciate his feedback, and he was extremely cool and very encouraging, but then I never got it finished like a big procrastinating idiot, and I need to get that done now I have the oppertunity.  I'm also finishing a storyboard for Frank T Allen for some horror shorts we are doing together, and need to start looking at polishing the first chapter of a story I've done with Moonface Press.  So there's lots going on.

I've also had the oppertunity to get some of my work up on the wall of a really cool gallery/emporium which opened locally not long ago,  train of thought ( which I hope is going to be a great oppertunity; up until now I've had to concentrate on more public-friendly images, and have been putting thr more edgy stuff away.  Here, this seems to be a place where they dig this more contentious content so I can split my work between the two.  Am actualy quite excited that I can plough back into the more dark output that I prefer to do and have an outlet for it.

In between all this I've been given a huge machine to strap to my face at night cos of sleep apnoea, which means nighttime is a weird blur - I feel like John Hurt in Alien saying he remembers a dream about 'smothering' every morning - and we're gearing up for a crazy christmas touring most of the south-east to see family; have finally got a referal through for councelling for depression and anxiety but on a three month waiting list; ego slightly bruised having been turned down for work at every single bar and restaraunt in Worthing, along with a local pet shop ...!  but always have more to be grateful for than to complain about so on we roll!!